Sunday, September 30, 2007

I read an article that was in the Deseret Morning News on the Relief Society Conference and then I read through the comments that people made. They were made by members and non-members. I found it to be interesting how some people reacted to the statements made by leaders of the church. Some felt that is was great and taught/reminded women of what brings joy and happiness to them. Others said that it was a horrible thing. The church is doing more harm and how LDS people are worst off listening to our leaders. There is high rate of bankruptcy, depression, and suicide. The people who said these things didn't listen to the report when it came out earlier this year or last year. The report also said that more non-LDS people had these problems verses LDS. While being up here at school I have been able to see how other LDS young adults act and live. I am shocked to say that I can see Satan's influence here. I'm not saying that these people are bad. I saw several young women out, going to guys apartments during the conference. It made me realize who and what I am looking for in a wife. One who attends here meetings, supports the church and leaders.
While in the temple Friday night I realized some things about myself about how I can be better. Sticking to the basics is the best way. I remember having a doctrinal discussion with the parents before I came up to school and wow, it really made me think about me and my testimony. Where am I at? We were reading in a book from Elder McConkie on God and His Characteristics and His attributes and I got a taste of how much Dad really knows about the gospel. It felt like when your on your mission hearing from an apostle or someone like Hugh Nibley. He started talking and not just your gospel doctrine type answers but deeper more fruitful answers. The mysteries of God. It was one of those experiences that you just won't forget.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Beautiful at BYU-Idaho!
What a week it has been. I wrote my first Comm 350 paper last night and wow! It was interesting. We don't have a text book. We get out info from Harvard Business School. So, yes I am getting a Harvard Education for the price of my BYUI one. Life is grand! I went rock climbing up near Kelly Canyon. For those who don't know much about the area this is the cheap place to ski up here. While I was leading a climb that I thought was a 5.9 I soon realized that it was a 5.10c. Then it started to rain. I didn't finish the climb but Mike Walton, one of my good friends on Scroll did. He did an amazing job at doing it. While climbing I found that there were a lot of wasps that lived in the rock. It brought back to my memory a time when Mark and I were climbing up at Pete's rock and I asked him several times if he wanted the wasps nest removed from where we were climbing. Well I had no trouble with them since I avoided them. Mark climbing right in front and got bit several times . It's not funny, but I was laughing when it happened. He was alright though.
We came back from our wet experience and ate at Jack in the Box. It brought back some other memories of a white Toyota's trunks not closing and a great trip this summer. The trunk did get fix though. Scroll is interesting to say the least. Not to many assignments so far, but I can't wait until we get into full swing. They want us to start learning to shoot Video. We watched a video how Google is going to take over mass media and tailor it each person. Very interesting to say the least. I have a 5k run that I am shooting tonight at mid-night that should be fun. Konrad and I are thinking of having a Karate Kid party and dress up and all. We got the idea from a group called Rooney. They have a song that has the same type of music.
I am planning on coming down for conference. I need to get a few things for my backpacking class and to pick up a few things for my apartment.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hello, hello

Hello everyone!
It was suggested to by a good friend to start a photo blog. Well I only know of this link so this will do for now. I have spoken with some of you over the last few days. I am up at school in Rexburg. While having a group meeting for one of my classes, I asked one of the group members who is from the Ukraine and has lived in Siberia that Rexburg is colder. Maybe not temp. wise, but what you feel. It has become cold the last several days up here. It feels great though, this means that I can use my new Marmot Jacket. Great Investment! The soft shell has made a world of difference with the wind that is always blowing here in "Nosebleed". My classes are going well. I am no longer on Scroll. I am part of the I-comm photo group. It is different but Things look promising though.
My Jeep Cherokee is no longer the Spinnaker Blue but more of a grayish blue. It looks good and yes it is still running strong at 316000 miles. This has to be one of the best built engines made. Knock on wood.
When I returned home from my mission to the Philippines San Pablo Mission last year I heard Breanne be asked if she was dating anyone and she said no, but I'm happy and then the person looked puzzled at how someone could be happy and not have someone. I use to be one of those puzzled people. This week I realized that I was happy not dating anyone. I have felt very stress free and peaceful this week in regards to dating. It will happen when it is suppose too. Now don't get me wrong I am still looking but I just don't worry so much about it.
Well that is all that comes to my mind right now and I don't want to type anymore right now. Plus I need to go study the lessons for later today since Church is at 1:30pm. Darating ang mga ibang karanasan susuod.