Monday, October 15, 2007

I returned home from my trip on Sunday morning about 12:10 am. Wow, it was a lot of fun. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed myself looking for fossils, rocks and the Geology of the areas that we were in. Know what happened in the area where you are standing millions of years ago made me realize how great of creator God really is. For Him to allow the earth to change until what we see now is amazing. I loved the fact the the South eastern part of Utah was like the Bahamas at one time, but you couldn't tell know unless you study the rocks.
We left Rexburg on Thursday and traveled down the Thanksgiving point and went through the Museum of Ancient Life. It was enjoyable to see the different Eras of the Earth. We camped that night at Little Sahara Sand Dunes. We got up the next morning and looked at the Sand Dunes and then went and dug for Trilobites for 4 hours. I found some good ones. We then went and had Dr. Gahn's friend Jake take us to a place were the Geology was unusual. He and I talked about climbing, backpacking and he was a scout at Camp Loll in 1995.
We camped in some cedars and made camp. I rained a little bit that night. I got a little wet from sleeping out under the stars. I wish I had my bivi sac that night. We hiked up Fossil Mtn. and were up there for several hours. We drove out on a Playa Lake and had lunch.
I drove down from Rexburg with the trailer and then drove a van back since the other driver was gettin tired. I loved it! I got to know Bro. Gahn this trip. He is the worlds leading expert on Crinod's. He has been studying them since high school.
I had a date yesterday with a girl form one of my classes. I the date didn't go as well I as I had planned but we had fun. I made dinner and cookies and we talked for awhile. It was a cheap date. It was about $6. I walked and picked her up. It had to be the most casual date I have been on. Congrats David and Emily on the new addition to the family. I will talk to you all later.