Friday, November 30, 2007

I was doing well for a while with the whole blogging thing but not so much now. Well It snowed Tuesday and yesterday mornings so that was a nice treat for all of us up here in Rexburg. I went out last night to start the Jeep and it didn't want to turn over, since it was so cold. I think that it is bitter cold right now because I am still not use to this cold. I am still not adjusted from the warm climate of the Philippines. I remember one morning when I got up it was so cold. I thought that it was in the 50's of something. Then I looked at my companions clock with a thermometer on it and it said 72 degrees. I knew then I that I was use to the Philippines. Then I came home and froze in Utah.
I found out that my Editor doesn't like me on scroll. I knew this but it was still a little bit of a shock since I do what I am told and get it done well. He doesn't like a few people on the staff. My new editor for next semester comforted him. Not a lot of people on staff liked him. He ripped one of my photos apart and then the next week gave all of these complements to a photographer that he likes when the photo wasn't that great. It was out of focus, not composed well and the lighting wasn't that great. I'm glad that he won't be there next semester on photo.
I got a call on Wednesday from Mark Morris. He was up in Rexburg for some urban planning. He was off taking some photos when he saw me driving the Gold Scroll van. I was off doing deliveries. It would have been nice to see him and talk, but I was busy and so was he. Next time na lang!
I went and worked out Wednesday night and that was fun. I haven't had time to go and do that but it was enjoyable. I road a bike for 3.8 miles. It was a nice warm up then I ran for while. Then new running shoes are nice. I like the arch support a lot.
I have been studying about Evolution the last week or so and I have found out a lot about it. The most helpful info that I have found out about it was in the February 2002 Ensign.
Nathan and I were talking about it yesterday morning and discussed how because of how we were brought up we need to not be so critical of others. That we have been blessed with great parents who taught us the doctrine of the kingdom. I mentioned to him about my Book of Mormon class that I had just come from. We were talking about Grace and coming to know the Savior. I mentioned about a talk that Elder Holland gave about Missionary Work and the the Atonement. He talks about using the Atonement in missionary work, but I find it useful in many more things. Since the Atonement is in all of the doctrine. About how we need to take a few steps in Gethsemane. Not doing what the Savior did. Only he could do that, but to know a part of the price that He paid for us. Then will we know who He is and why he did it for us. So we can start to understand His love for us.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm back in Rexburg. I drove up with two of my roommates, Scott and Konrad. It was a nice trip. I didn't see a whole lot but that is ok. Thanksgiving was nice. Thomas pick up some clothes for me on Black Friday. Thanks Thomas! I worked at BMW of Murray for the week which was nice since I bought 4 new tires for the Jeep. It ran well on the way up.
It was a good week to think about things that I have done since the mission. I know some of you can relate to this. There is life before the mission, mission life and then life after the mission. The last week or so I have felt kulang or lacking inside. Just that spiritual high that you always have while out in the field and I have been think of what it is that I have been missing. It came to me one night while praying. It was an amazing feeling. It was pretty much spelled out for me. One of those tender mercies. I can't believe how many people asked me if I was dating someone. Even the family was asking me. I haven't talk to my family as much this semester as I did last. I guess I am just busier. Although next semester I don't think that I will be. I was cut from Scroll. They didn't offer me my scholarship or paid position like in the last year. I don't know why either.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Mark Morris and I were up at Pete's Rock in Salt Lake and I was dealing with some issues that came up at work. I was married to BMW of Murray for the summer. It was a time consuming relationship. The climbing was pretty good that day. Mark made some new friends while climbing up the first time. He sure felt there presents that day.

New Pics

Lopez, Quezon, Philippines
This is a rice field in our Zone. This was taken in December of 2005. I miss that topical weather.
Well It has been about a month since I have last posted a blog. I covered the Peter Breinholt and Sam Payne Concert and was approached by Sam and a another member of the band for my photos. I was happy since I can charge for my pictures. I just registered for my Winter Classes and wow, Chemistry at 745 in the morning. I have a good teacher so that should be good. I got into one Geology class which I need for my career which was nice.
My jeep is running well. For those of you who know me very well I love my Jeep. It was Amelia's then Breanne/Nathan's then mine as of March 1, 2006. It didn't start when I got it from Nathan. It had to do with the Alarm that was on it. It was going off and Nathan cut a wire to turn it off. Well that made it so it wouldn't start. Then the window motor was bad. In the almost 2 years that I have had it I have replaced the following-
Battery, Drivers window motor, Alternator, fuel regulator, control module, idle pulley, surpintine belt 3 times, rear hatch hydraulic bars, u-joint, universal joint, ignition electrical cuplinks, paint job, and a few things I can't think of at this time. So for a Jeep with 316700 miles on it, I think it doing well. More work on it tomorrow. Thanks Dave!
My year old Dell computer would not connect to the internet so I called Dell and they said they could troubleshoot it for $40. I said no and saved my files and reformatted it. Thanks Konrad! I found out that the internet here requires you to register your IP address. It was good to get things clean up on the laptop though.
I had tithing settlement last night and Bishop Moore, who is also the Geology Dept. head, and asked the tithing questions, then we talked about geology the rest of the time. It was an interesting interview to say the least.
That is a little bit of what has been happening in my life the last month. I'm leaving today for Utah and hope to go skiing in the GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH! None of this Targee stuff that people brag about up here. Where were the Olympics yeah, not in Idaho but Utah. Targee is nice, but Alta, Snowbird, Snow Basin, Park City just to name a few?