Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Update from the Weekend

I have this week and next week left of school for this semester. Wow, life has been hectic the last few months. I have two texts tomorrow and then finals next week. I can't believe how busy one person can be. I just got done with my Geo 112 lab. Well I got done early with the lab and so I came home and started to clean my room up. I went to Christmas in the Snow which was a choir concert that was fun. I was asked out by Amber. She is one of Konrad's friends who I met at the beginning of the semester. We went to that and then came back to my apartment and had Steven's hot coco. We then watched U571 with Konrad and Mikalyn. We had our closing social last night. We ate food and then played a few games. I came home, did my homework and then when to the gym and ran on the elliptical for 45 minutes. I only burned about 500 calories and ran 4 miles. It was a good work out. That is about it for now. GO BYU number 17 in the BCS!