Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scenes from the Philippines

"Sin is waste"

It's finals week and I just have one more left, Geology 350! It has been a great semester over all. I have learned a lot this semester about myself and others. My calling has stretched me. It did not think that it would, but I learned to love it. I was taught that everything can and is a learning experience. Being a TA has helped me to be a better student. I am listening right now to my 80's music, and enjoying it. I had been looking for song for a few months and found it today on iTunes; Cutting Crew, "Dying in your Arms". It is a classic 80's song.
I was talking with Bro. Hartvigsen after class today for over half an hour about what I got out of his class. It was seriously one of my favorite classes. It stretched me in different ways. I love how he made English fun. I looked forward to reading assignments for the first time. We discussed things that went well and things that could be improved on. I took the class because of Bro. Hartvigsen. I could have taken the 316 that I was suppose to take, but I feel more educated now than if I had just taken the required class. I am here to get a degree, but more so to gain knowledge, learn, and to grow. I have no regrets on classes that I have taken.
Bro. Hartvigsen said that I should take his Fiction in Film class. We would read Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, and other classics.
I was talking with Sister Bergstrom yesterday and found out some new things about her that surprised me! She is a great teacher and I have even more respect for her. She is such a great teacher. I have 4 teachers that really have touched my life this semester. They all taught in the same manner. They focused on the individual.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photo's from this past summer

"I'm fine and dandy with the me inside"

It is my last Sunday this semester. I'm teaching the lesson today. I hope that it all goes well. It has been a really great week though. I was able to get a lot of stuff done this past week. I have a paper to rewrite for my English final, I have a geology ID test, a geology written final, and a Biology final this week. I think that I will do well on them though. I went She Loves Me on Friday with Brynn. It was kind of last minute. I did not have tickets and so we were able to get stand by. It was a great play. At first I did not know what it was about. I was talking with Amy about it and she said that You've Got Mail is based off of it. It was a lot of fun. Saturday I was studying in the Romney with Ryan and Patrick for a little over an hour, and then I came home and did my laundry. I didn't have as much as I have in the past.
Last night though I went to the temple with the Relief Society to do baptisms. We had 7 brothers and 11 sisters. It was a fun trip to Idaho Falls. We went and ate at a little Mexican restaurant there in Idaho Falls.
We came home and Kayci, Brynn and I watched The Incredibles. It is just a good clean, fun movie.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


"Its cold outside, and gets so hot in here"

What a day it has been. I was going to stay up late and write a paper, but I decided to go to bed and get up early to do it. I did and was trying to finish it up, print it off, and head to class. It was a very rough draft. That is all that I needed though. I did some scroll work and when I was done checking the Scroll racks in the Snow, I saw Brynn. We talked for a bit and she invited me over for lunch. It was the first time that I can remember having toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was very good! I then ran over to the Distribution Center and bought my a new bible. I have still been using my scriptures from when I was eight. I love them, but they are showing some wear. Mostly from the Philippines. I bought it and the price did not seem right. I looked down and it was mislabeled. I went back in and asked them to ring me up for the correct price. The cashier looked and at it and said, "Yes your right, but that is the way it is in inventory. Merry Christmas". I was surprised by that. I came home and got ready for Doctrine and Covenants. It was a good class. I really like Bro. Purse. He is a great teacher. He loves the gospel and tries to share that love with the class. I had a study group for Geology 350. Patrick, Ryan, and I met and at times we end up talking more than we should. I'm glad thought, that we are good friends. It has been a great day over all. I love BYU-Idaho. I do wish the semesters were 16 weeks though. That would help out a lot in Geology.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Goodbye to a Great Man

I can't believe that December is already here. It would be
nice to have a little bit a snow and by a little I mean a lot, or 74 degrees and a nice ocean breeze. I will take either one. It does not feel like this semester is ready to be over. I still feel like there should be at least a month left up here at Brigham Young University - Idaho. I was happy to be home over the break. I had a lot of fun. I bought new skis, boots, and poles all at a super good deal. That is the way I do things. All super good deals! I have just a few finals to get through and then I will be done for this semester. Caleb, my room-roommate talk with a brother in his home ward that is a geologist, and I am meeting with him over the Christmas break. He works for an oil company. I am going to introduce Caleb to a brother in my ward who is in the construction business. We are just helping each other out.
Brother Bergstrom talked to day in Devotional and it was really good. He talked about the GE courses or the new foundations class and how they relate to the gospel and life. Ever since President Eyring told the story about his father and how he learned so much out of every meeting he went to. I have tried that and it really does work.
I have been running off a few hours of sleep the last few days. I am
starting to feel it now.
While delivering the Scroll this morning. Jon Porter, received a phone call from his father that Elder Wirthlin had passed away last night at around 11:30 pm. He will be missed! He was a great man of faith and dedication. It is sad to see a great man like
that pass on, but he lived a great life and it was his time to move on.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Another Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. I remember being so excited to put the Christmas decor up as soon as it started to get dark. As I have become older I have just rested after the meal. I bought some skis last week and yesterday I picked up some poles. I just need to have my bindings mounted and pick up some boots. I went to Banana Republic yesterday as well and I purchased a car coat. It was a wool, charcoal color. I liked it, but I didn't needed it. Nathan liked it and so I gave it to him.
I have been going through items in my room and de-junking my life. I want to get rid of things that I don't use or things I have not used in a very long time.
Tomorrow I am helping Mom to get the Christmas decor out and up.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November Weather?

I was in the Scroll office yesterday afternoon, and Arron (Kristina Miller's husband, my boss) came in and asked if I ran. I replied yes. He asked if I wanted to go running with him, and so I did. We started at his house, and ran up to the water tower and back. He brought his two dogs. One is a chocolate lab by the name of Baby. She ran with me for a lot of the time. It was a great run. I have noticed that when I am stress out that I go running, or do some sort of exercise. I guess this is a good thing. The weather was perfect. I had on my Adidas warm up jacket, shorts and a t-shirt. I started to get a little warm as I was running.
Today seems to be just another beautiful day. I can't let it get away. I might go out for another run or just go do some lifting.
I started a book this past Sunday entitled, The Bronze Bow. It seems interesting from what I have read thus far. I also started reading The Key to Science and Theology, by Parley P. Pratt. It is amazing reading it from a my point of view as a geologist. I hope to get through both of them this coming week.
This week has been very busy. I have been trying to stand still at times though and know that God is there. To feel that calm presence of the spirit.

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"It's a Beautiful Day"

It is Wednesday and I have two days left of classes before the Thanksgiving break. This semester has gone by very fast. Faster than I had wanted. It feels like I just got up here, and now I have two weeks of school left.
I start back at BMW of Murray on Monday. I am just working over the Thanksgiving break. I am grateful for the chance to go back and work there. It will be different than this summer. A lot of changes have happened there.
I am excited to see my nieces and nephews though this coming week, especially Hyrum. He reminds me a lot of me. Well at least of how I was at that age. Not necessarily now.
I will be working for Sister Bergstrom next semester as her teacher assistant again. We are starting to change something about the class. I am amazed at how humble she is. She can teach the whole class, and yet focus in on the one. We and I were talking about class and how some of the students just do not understand the class. It is to help them be better people. To work in groups and with others. It really helped me out a lot.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Singing in the Rain!

The rain continues to fall outside my window. I love the sound of it raining at night. It brings back so many good memories or far off places and ones close to home. Lying in my Half Dome, in the Tetons listening to the storm come in, and knowing that I was dry. I really do love that feeling.
I learned a lot about myself this weekend. I thought that it was going to be a regular old weekend, but it was not. I learned that I am selfish. I think that I always knew that, but I just keep it suppressed in the depths of my thoughts. I kind of had to learn it the hard way. It has hurt, but it is worth it. I have discovered that the Lord teaches us at His own pace.
This year has had its ups and its downs. With every down the up (lesson learned) has been monumental. I have been blessed so much. It has been the spirit that has helped me. During those trials, that old satan was right there, but the still calm peace came. It was so sweet!
Over all I am grateful for my parents. They have taught me so much! I love them and my siblings. They are there for me when I need them. The Savior has been there ever step of the way. I have realized His tender mercies that he has given so freely. He lives! He knows me, better than I know myself. I am grateful for moral agency. I use it a lot and make those small mistakes. I love the saying, " Why do you fall? It is to know how to get back up".
This has been a great semester. I did not think it would turn out this way, but it has been a long road. There is more yet to come!
Things I am grateful for:
My Savior
The Gift of the Holy Ghost
My Family
The Gospel
My sight
My moral agency
My Health
Getting an Education
My Jeep
The United States of America
My mission
Camp Loll
these are just a few...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day

What a night it was. I knew that Barack Obama would be our President Elect. Since he will be the new president. I will pray that he will make good choices that will help the United States of America remain a free republic. I snowed last night and that was good to see again. I love it when it snows, but I have loved the great fall weather.
I was happy to hear that Prop 8 passed in California. We have truely seen some peoples true colors. I do have hope for the country. I think that the republican party did start to go off alittle the last few years. The change in power can be a good thing, but this is a big change. God Bless the United States of America!
I heard a lot of people complain about the Electoral Collage the last few days. A lot of people don't understand how it works. I explained to them how it runs and that it is a good system. Why mess with something that has worked well for so many years.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

An interesting week.

Today while teaching in Gospel Doctrine. The lesson was very doctrinally rich. I kind of had a hard time trying to figure out how I was going to teach it. It was a little difficult to teach, just to get the main points in and to keep the class involved. It went well though. Not a lot of people read the lesson. I have the class raise their hands on who read the lesson. Just a few had. It made me remember Elder Oaks conference talk. That we need to come to church prepared to be taught. We need to do that too. I know that I have not always read the lesson, but since I have started to teach and to help the teachers, I know how important it is to be apart of the discussion. I learned a lot from preparing and teaching the lesson. It was just what I needed to hear. The Lord used myself to teach me something new. This weekend has just been very interesting. A lot of pondering and meditating.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Good in Life

Over the past few days I have been thinking doing some serious "rock sitting". President Osmond my first mission president told us that at times we need to do some serious "rock sitting", meaning just to ponder life. I guess this applies more to me, since I'm a geology major.
I think that far to often in life, we as human beings tend to focus on the negative aspect of life's goings. In my opinion, this can lead to a doom and gloom life. We are not as happy as we could be and can be.
I believe in being honest, tacticful, and being optimistic. President Hinckley would talk about the perils of our day, when he mentioned them he hoped that things would be better. The only way to make things better is to start with ourselves.
I was able to hear Elder Dallin H. Oaks speak this past Sunday at a stake conference. He talked about being a witness of Christ and that we do that each week when we partake of the Sacrament. He said: "We are delcaring our obedience for exaltaion when we take upon us the name of Christ." "The Savior compares us to what we can be. Not to others." These teaching focus on the postitive side of life. We need not focus and compare ourselves to others but to ourselves. What is our potential? What do we want to get out of life? We can improve in life each week. Elder Oaks also stated: "How and where do you come unto Christ? It is a week by week commandment. It is done at the Sacrament table". The also said, that we must come with a broken heart and contrite spirit.
When we focus on the Savior we are positive! We look for the good in all things.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter, Again.

Winter has arrived in "Nose Bleed". For those of you who don't know what "Nose Bleed" is, it is the nick name that my uncle, Brian Page gave it while I was working down at BMW of Murray in 2006. It has been very cold and the last week really. We received our first bit of snow though yesterday afternoon.
Classes are going well. I feel like I need to study even more though.
I am a Teacher Assistant for Sister Bergstrom. She teaches a Comm 350 class titled Group Dynamics. We use Harvard Business Online for our text book and mainly focus in on case studies, and working in groups. I took the class last fall and loved it. She continues to improve the class and so some of the things that I did are not taught anymore.
I am still doing Scroll delivery. Jon Porter is my co-worker and we having fun doing the job. We have noticed though, that the Scroll is not being picked up as much. A lot of the "issues" that I suggested last year are the problems that are still happening and students are not picking up the paper. I just want what is best for the Scroll. I see what gets taken and also not being a comm major and I feel not being biased or as biased I can see some of the problems. I have asked several non-communication students what they thought and they think about the Scroll over all, and they feel the same way. The Editor and Chief and Managing Editor wrote up some problems that they feel need to be addressed. I'm glad that they want to make it a better paper.
I am on a Rec. soccer team this semester. It is a lot of fun. It is my first time playing in a soccer league and I really like it. I play sweeper for the most part. We are 2-1 thus far in the season. Our first lost was on Thursday of this last week. It was bitter cold. The wind was blowing hard and that didn't help things. I have discovered that some guys and girls are too competitive. They play cheap and don't care about having fun and if you win, good. if not then you improve on what you didn't do good at and do better next game.
I watched Forever Strong last night. It was great movie! It is about the Highland High School Rugby team. The coach teaches the players to be good on and off the field, because they are connected. It is amazing to watch how the movie unfolds.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I want to feel, the sun light on my face"

My first week of school this semester is over. It had to be one of the most busy weeks that I have ever had. I am amazed at how much I did and yet how little. It has been an interesting week. One filled with ups and downs. Over all it was a great week! A lot was learned and changes can be made to improve on some areas.
I love being Sister Bergstrom's teacher assistant. I do some of the computer work and try to answer questions but the class has changed since I took it just last fall.
Delivery is going well! Jon Porter and I are having a lot of fun getting to know each other and doing our job.
Yesterday was a fun day! Kristie Moss had her birthday and I taught Amy Worthington the basics of driving a manual. I showed her how and when to shift so that she got an idea of how to do it. I learned how to drive one by seeing others drive. I went out to a bonfire out at the sand dunes. It was kind of chilly out there though.
I was happy to see BYU win their game yesterday against UCLA. I wish that I could have seen it or listened to it. Breanne told me what the score was while I was at Broulim's.
I really like my classes. Emily and David gave me some great advice my first semester up here. I don't need to rush through school. Get through in a good time but enjoy your time and classes. That is one thing that I am trying to do. Last semester I tried to rush a little bit and it wasn't that fun. I think this semester will be different.
The Subaru is driving well but I miss my Jeep. I didn't think that I would but I do. Nathan, take care of it! I know you are.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I eat my candy with the pork and beans

Hello Hello! I am back up at school in Rexburg, Idaho and the weather here has already started to change a big. I needed a jacket last night when I went outside. I am amazed at how much has changed on campus. The bookstore in a new location and is really nice. This past week has been a roller coaster for me. Brian, my boss and Uncle parted ways with BMW of Murray. I spend Tuesday night and Thursday with him. We dropped off one of his customers Z8 off at the dealership. What a sweet car! We ate a Market Street Grill on Tuesday night, my first time there and it was very good!
I drove up to school yesterday and it was kind of a long drive. I have been a little nervous about school and doing well. I want to do very well this semester and know that I can. I have met several of my roommates and they are really cool guys. A few of us might have a rec soccer team.
I have several goals that I want to accomplish first is to save as much money as possible. With my books as expensive as they were, that will put some strains elsewhere. No more Banana Republic for awhile. I figure on spending $25 a week on food and will be riding my bike more than driving.
Sister Bergstrom called me the other day and we talked about her class that I will be TA for. It will be a lot of work but it will be fun.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

"When your on a holiday, you can't find the words to say"

Work was very busy today. I had two X5's that needed full details, a Jet Black X6 for delivery, and then a black used X3 that had water spots on it. This all happened the last 4 hours of my shift. I was by myself too. One X5 was done, the X6 was washed and the x3 is clean and ready to go. Then I needed to come up to David and Emily's to spend the night before my trip with the family to Yellowstone and I have been on my computer for several hours now. I bought the new U2 album Live from Paris. It seems to be good. I can't believe that I am still up. I went out with Kimber Taylor on Tuesday. That was a busy day too with the roll over on I-15. I left work at 6 and got home at 8. Not bad since some were stuck for 3 hours. It takes me about 40-50 minutes on busy day. Anyways, we doubled with Konrad and a girl that he got set up with. Kimber joked about if it was safe to ride in my Jeep since the wheel came loose last week. I said yes, its safe. Well, the wheel came loose again and so I fixed, again. A cop pulled over just as I was finishing up. Kimber is the niece of Mike and Karen Stevens. We went to Dairy Queen and I had several brain freezes. Konrad and I dropped out dates off and then talked for a bit. He reminded me that he would have to kick me about an agreement we have, if I broke it. I haven't and won't. I made the terms of the agreement so it's all fair.
I went to the eye doctor on Monday and found some interesting things out. It was my first visit and Dr. Wilkes is a great doctor. No glasses! Sorry family, I'm still in the clear! He told me my eyes are health but to keep and eye on them and to come back in next summer while I'm down. I need to head to bed. It's 2:20 am!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"I'm moving up to Cherokee, I'm goin be a rock star!"

Well I have some time to write on my blog so here it goes. I worked every day this past week, which was very nice. It has slowed down again which is good and bad. I went to the Real Salt Lake game on Wednesday. Real lost 2-1 I left a little early to go see The Dark Night with Drew and Brian. Drew and I stopped by McDonalds and picked up some grub and ate it in front of the theater. Brian showed up and we had to down our food in a few minutes. The movie was really good. It wasnt a typical comic book movie. It told a lot about human nature and how at times we can't figure people out. There is no logic.
Drew has been asking me to ask his cousin out on a date. He talked to her and so I asked her out to go to a concert in a week or so.
I leave for Yellowstone on Thursday and I am excited for it. I wasn't but yesterday I caught a wiff of a pine tree and it brought back some great memories and ones that I can make.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"They say I need some Rogain to put in my hair...."

Yes I know that it has been awhile since I last wrote. That is the story of my life. I hiked Mt. Timp. a week ago and it was more of a climb. About six feet of snow was still up there and it was a great trip. I got my tan that I have wanted for a while and got some hiking in with some friends.
I bought new clothes at the Gap. I can't spend money on backpacking gear since I have a lot, so I am trying to dress better. Not that I didn't dress well before but just a different style that I am going for these days. I also went to the Farmers Market yesterday and it was like I was back in the Philippines. I told Amelia that, that is how I shopped in some areas for my food each week. That is where the "common" people go there but here its the "trendy" people that go each week. It was nice and I did enjoy it.
So use to love REI and would shop there a lot the last two years. After work I would swing up to the one on 3300 South and look and maybe buy or pick up an order but I just checked my gmail and saw that they were having a sale and I didn't bother looking. I realized that I have almost everything that I need. I have really started to conserve my money even more. Yes, I bought a new outfit but I pick up the good deals don't buy any clothes for a while.
No, Thomas I have wanted to read that book for while now. It has intrigued me.
I traveled up to Logan on Friday and helped deliver a X3. It was a nice ride up and back. After I drive one of those it makes me want one but I don't like the price so much.
For those of you who have not listened to the new Weezer, Red Album I recommend it. Well, get it from me. I have the edited version that Konrad did. It is really good. I have listened to it more than U2 and that is saying something.
I did pick up a new book on Wednesday. It is "Elijah The Prophet And His Mission" and "Salcation Universal" by Joseph Fielding Smith. I just started it and it is great. This is a book my father has been looking for, for 2o years; I am glad that I found it!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is it getting better, or do you feel the same?

Well I know that it has been awhile. I think that is how I start every blog these days. Well on Tuesday June 3rd at 1 am I was awakened by my mom who said that I needed to take my father to the emergency room up at LDS Hospital. So I did. We listened to Truman G. Madsen talk about the prophet Joseph and trails. How fitting for what would be happening the rest of the week. The nurses and doctors did some tests and felt that he should be admitted for some heart reasons. So I stayed with him until about 7am and then left to come home to get ready for work. I took a quick 1 1/2 hour nap and was off to work. My father was then transferred to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray just blocks form BMW of Murray. He ended up having 5 stints put in him. A stint helps open the arteries to the heart. On Thursday I was to go pick him and my mom up and drive them home. As was at work and I didn't feel my phone. So they called Brian my boss and my father's brother to tell me that they were ready. Brian had me get the new X6 and bring it around. So I did and we went and picked them up. It is about a $70,000 car. My parents liked it. I found out that each normal stint costs $13,000 dollars and the medicated ones that my dad have are more like $20,000. So my dad made the comment that my mom should trade him in for the X6. It was good to see my dad joking after under going heart surgery.
I fell in love Thursday! Well not that kind of love, more like lust. If I had $400,000 dollars I think I might buy a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. It is hand built and you can balance a 1 pound coin on the engine while it is running. This is to prove how smooth the V12 is. Oh, BMW owns Rolls-Royce so maybe I can get a small discount.
Konrad and I were to go camping tonight at a YSA thing but we left early and were going to a ward activity but that had ended so we went to Village Inn to eat. On the way there I was pulled over. The fuzz came up said that I had drifted into the turn lane for a bit and asked if I had any thing to drink. No, I said and then he asked for my papers. He was nice and I was glad that he was looking out for others as well as myself. Konrad was laughing in the front seat though. It was funny. My third time being pulled over and no tickets! Each time on suspension.
I have been thinking a lot about if I should do something this next week. It would be letting go of some pride. A book that I have been meaning to read for some time describes it well. The book is Pride and Prejudice. I just have to say that Mr. Darcy is bold.
Oh, it was the Philippines Indpentence day on the 12th so Mabuy ang Pilipinas!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Walk On

So I know that Dan or some one will get after me for not posting as often as I should but that's OK, I've been busy. I went for a run this morning. Just 3 1/2 miles. On my way home on Main Street I saw deer in a yard near the stake center. I said to myself, "self", you haven't seen a deer down in these parts for years now. At first I thought that I was back in Idaho or some thing. It's Emily's birthday today so happy birthday. It is also Grandma Cook's. I didn't realize how much I would miss her, and how she would always wonder when I was coming home from work. I think was my crazy schedule that sent her to her grave. Some days I think it will send me to my grave!
Konrad and I are home teaching companions, again. We have 3 sisteren and 2 brothers. We are going up to the U of U 32nd Ward. It is a good ward and we like it a lot. Konrad, Karson and I went skiing up at Snowbird on Saturday and it a lot of fun. It was like mashed potatos at the end of the day. My face got a little toasted but it was a lot of fun.
I feel good this morning. I feel like I have done a lot and its not even 8 am yet. Last week Breanne and I went to the Gateway. I met her there. I took the train in. The ticket machine consummed 2 extra of my dollars. I was in a hurry to get one and didn't worry about it. Then on the way home it didn't give me my full change back! Breanne just laughed at me, as I laughed at myself. We went shopping for a bit and then ate at California Pizza Kitchen, which was really good. We walked though Barnes and Noble and looked at books, and at some Cheese Cake Factory cake. Breanne thought it was cheese cake and was quite dissappointed that it was not.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stuck in a Moment.....

Work has been very busy the last few weeks. This is good since our economy has slowed down so much. .
I saw Iron Man last week and it was pretty good. I didn't appreciate a scene in it though. I started to go to the 32nd Ward up at the U of U. Last week was my first week. I liked it a lot. I saw some people from high school. It really didn't feel like it had been five years since I had seen some of those people but it has. I received a letter from myself that I wrote my senior year of high school. My English teacher Mrs. Haslem sent it to me. Some of the things that I wrote about were I wanted to be have true. I am at BYU-Idaho but my major has changed and that I am not married yet. I have realized though that I am trying and the Lord doesn't need me to be married, yet. I found out today that a girl that I went to High School with died about a week ago. She was on her mission in England and was jogging with her companion and she collapsed and died. She was a great young women. The thought came to me today when I read that, that the Lord needs her on the other side. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. I went climbing today and it was good! We went up to storm mountain, up Big Cottonwood canyon. The weather was great, not to hot or cold. Much better than a few weeks ago. It was about a 5-7 to 5-8. I lead and then top roped it. When we were about done a guy and two girls came up and I helped them plan there route. I went to Cora's dance recital today and she did a great job! It was kind of long but I learned a lot about patience and about parenting.
My brother Thomas told me something when I was in the MTC that has helped me see those things that I needed to work on. I was having some trouble with some missionaries in my district and I thought that they need to change. He told me what his mission president told him. "Maybe its you who needs to change somethings." Now this doesn't mean that it was all me but when I was willing to change, they wanted to change and things improved. For some reason when my mission ended I forgot this simple principle. What I learned on my mission truly has and will continue to help me.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Part one of many....

What a week it has been! We found out that dad has to go in for eye surgery. The back of his eyes are bleeding. The doctors don't know how much damage has been done.

Work has been very busy. I went to Wendover, Nevada on Tuesday to drop a 128i Conv. off. The man who runs three of the casinos there was giving it away. Robert Clark, one of the salesmen at BMW of Murray dropped off a 135i to the to the same man who runs the casinos. We ate at the Peppermill, which was pretty good! We had to walk through the casino and it was smelly, and dark. No spirit what so ever! If I ever had any desire to gamble, which I never did, being in there really made me to never want to gamble. On the drive home we talked about the geology in the area. We also talked about evolution and global warming. He asked me what I believed since I am becoming a geologist and have to deal with the theory of evolution. I said to him that things evolve. We evolve into becoming like our Heavenly Father. God created Adam and Eve. He did not evolve from the Lower orders of the animal kingdom. The last part that I just said is church doctrine from the First Presidency. I mentioned to him about global warming and how we don't know how much of global warming we are causing. What we need to do is to be wise stewards of the land.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A day of Growth

I know I haven't been as diligent in blogging as I should be but I am trying to do better at it.
It has been a busy week. Work really picked up and I was working long days. Nothing like those 12 hour shift last year but just 9-9 1/2 hours a day. I have started to take Frontrunner, the train here on the Wasatch Front and it has been fun. I went climbing Saturday and it was a lot of fun and a nice stress reliever. I went to the Real Salt Lake game and it was fun. It was my first time at a soccer game I enjoyed watching it. Real played the LA Galaxy and they tied 2-2.
Stake Conference was great. Elder Bednar talked about doing what we say and becoming that. Also about being constant in the gospel. President Eyring talked about obeying the voice of the prophet. That when the prophet speaks we are being tested. He mentioned about when we receive a letter with a single signature at the bottom. That this is a test to see if we will do what the prophet has asked us to do. Great things that I can improve on to be a better person.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All in Your Head

It has been an interesting few weeks. School is out and I am back at BMW of Murray. My Grandmother died on the 13 of April at the age of 85. It was hard for a few days but things are better. I went to the temple last week twice which was really good for me. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about myself and things that I need to improve on to be a better person. My surgery went well and I am still taking it easy to not open the wound up. I went to the Rooney concert with Konrad last night. It was a good concert. They played a lot of the songs that I like. I'm going to the Real Salt Lake game this Saturday. Which should be fun. I have really started to like soccer over the last year. Drew Fuller, friend and co-worker at BMW of Murray has really convinced me to be a Liverpool fan!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still Kicken

Well I am still a live and well. I haven't taken any meds since Friday Morning and I feel pretty good. I need to take some Robaxin but other than that getting cut into hasn't been that bad. It's sore and I can't do everything that I want to or need to do but it is a good learning experience for me. Conference was really good. I loved it when President Monson wiggled his ears. Classic! I learned on things that I can improve on. That is one great thing that I love about conference. Now I just need to live it! Live the gospel and remember the covenants that I have made with the Lord. I went out to the Teton Dam today for some photos for scroll. They are thinking of rebuilding it so we needed some photos of the dam. It was bitter cold. I could do a study on global warming just there in Idaho. Not a lot of snow left in Rexburg, but just 20 miles away a lot of snow is left out there. It made me realize that there might be a link between an increase in CO2 and asphalt. Well I was about to get on Highway 20 and the thought came to me. D. Todd Chrisphorsen is going to be the new member of the 12 and I told Konrad that when I walked in the door. Sure enough he was called.
My wound seems to be healing well. Not pain like before just from the cutting me wide open.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Appointment

I had my appointment today with Doctor Redd and I have a tumor. He thinks that is not very serious but to make sure I am having it removed tomorrow around 3:30pm. I am kind of excited for the surgery. I will be given a local and then he will open me up and dig out the thing. I hope that I get it taped. I will have more details when I get them.


I know that its a great title. I have been having lower back pain for about week and a half. I thought that it was kideny stones but it wasn't getting better. On Sunday I had a sharp pain in my right lower side. I found a small lump around where my rib cage ends. A lot of thoughts have been running through my head. Cancer, kidney failure, then last night while talking with Scott my roommate it is just a lower back problem that I am thinking. I felt my back shift alittle a week ago monday while doing scroll recycling. I have an appointmet later today at the health center. Awa walang masamang sa likod ko. Sa pamamagitiong ng isang lingo magiging mas malakas ang panampantiya sa panginoon.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Kate and I went snowshoeing near squirrel creek on off of Grassy Lake road. We started on the road but went to the right and had a ok view of the Tetons (it was cloudy) and a nice red barn that I didn't know was there. It was her first time snowshoeing and she really enjoyed it. I cooked up some beef stew and had roles and some triskets. It was a nice little picnic. I really enjoyed taking her and seeing how she enjoyed her self. I was in a little pain with my lower back. The pain isn't that bad right now but I am going to the health center this week to get it checked out. My editor who liked me at the start of the semester told me this week that I haven't been a friend at all this semester. She would come to me a lot with problems, concerns and for blessing. I know she feels this way because I didn't feel the same way. That we were just friends nothing more or less. She doesn't like Kate. It has just been a difficult week. Kate helped a lot. She listened and was there for comfort when it was needed. I'm sorry that Kristie and I really aren't friends. I have tried to be there for her but she has some things she needs to work out. Some friends who are mine and Kristie's friends told me that it's not my fault. She needs to work things out. I find it amazing that when someone says that they like you and then when things don't work out then they hate you. Did they really like you or just have a crush? To me it shows that things weren't ment to be. We had a Mexican themed party last night. We broke a pinyata, ate mexican food and watched Nacho Libre.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks or months.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Updates from Iceburg!

I know that I haven't kept up on my blog as well as I should but I am trying to do better. This has been an interesting week. I went to Nevada to go dig amminoids from the Triassic period. It snowed on us Friday night. I was warm and dry in the Bivy and my Western Mountaineering (the best investment I made might I say). We went and dug and didn't find a whole lot, but at the end we found a good bed with some good fossils. We got a van stuck a ditch and then spent an hour fixing a road three times. Each time a van would go across we had to fix it. I was a stream bed that was really muddy. It was great fun. We left the dig at about 5 pm and got back to Rexburg at around 12:30 or so. Then an hour of getting things unpacked and home. A great experience, I really love my major. On Sunday we had our meetings and that was good. I was king of out of it. I was tired and took a short nap. I went over to Kate's and met her sister who was up here for the weekend.
As of Sunday she and I are dating and things are going well. In the last few days I have learn a lot myself and being more selfless. I just really happy. I will post more later like pictures from Nevada and such. Yes I am going to Centerville this weekend to celebrate birthdays so I will see some of you this weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rexburg Temple Weekend

Last night I covered one of the Temple Cultural Events that Rexburg, and BYU-Idaho is putting on. The run length production is going on right now. I shot 4oo pictures last night of an hour an half show. I learned more on getting better shots but need to focus more on the event. I watched the Count of Monte Cristo with Kate and then came home. I went into scroll this morning and worked for an hour. I came home and Scott and I went up to the leadership training meeting. Wow, what a great learning experience. I learned about how I can improve myself and also what I can do with my wife at making things work out and on how to be a good father. I love how the church focuses on the person.
A sad thing happened this week the Gold Dodge Caravan, 311 Scroll van was sold this week. After going through Thomas, Nathan, Scott and now me it will no longer be "zipping" around The Y of I campus.
Tomorrow my roommates and I will be attending the Temple dedication during the 4 session in the Rexburg temple. We were given the tickets by our bishop. What a great opportunity this is for us.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Hello all! Sorry it has been a while since I have last written on here. Last week was very busy and some how I managed to fit in a date. It was an 80's theme and it was fun. I found a blue jacket like the one I had as a kid in the 80's and my BLM hat that I still wear at times. Oh, and my aviator glasses that Cora got me. We made Jello pudding pops and then went to McDonald's and had Happy Meals. We came back to the apartment and watched Goonies. It was the first time that I think I have seen it. My calling is going well. I am learning a lot of new things about how wards are ran and also about my self. There is a lot of trust that is needed in this calling.
I was sad to hear that President Hinckley's passing, but I am glad that his suffering here on the earth is over and that he is once again with his wife. His time here was done. The Lord needs him for other things.
I told one of my roommates that he passed away and he didn't believe me. I realized that I joke around to much. Since the 27th of January I have worked extra hard in not joking around and telling the the whole truth.
I'm posting some of the photos from my cross country skiing trip that I had two weeks ago. It was up at Herriman state park. He have had a lot of snow the last few weeks. It has been crazy on how cold it was and the amount of snow there is. The Jeep is running great but I need to have it re-keyed since I broke the lock on my drivers door.
Last night I was talking with some of my roommates and I mentioned that Elder Uchtdorf would be called into the First Presidency. Today he was. I just felt that he would go in for some reason. I watched the end of the Press Conference today in the Academic office since I had an appointment with Brother Henry Eyring. I had to talk some photos and then we talked for bit. He seems a lot like his dad. It is amazing how many of the brethren I have met in my short time. I met President Monson at LDS Hospital when I was a valet before my mission. I met President Eyring at Home Dept when he was buying blinds for $75. I saw President Uchtdorf at the Church Admin. Building last year when I was delivering President Faust's photo to his office.
President Packer in our sacrament meeting, Elder Ballard after the October 2003 general conference, Elder Nelison up at LDS hospital, Elder Holland in the Salt Lake Airport. I saw Elder Oaks at his home when dad and I were up near Sugar House working, Elder Scott at the MTC when he spoke and shook each missionaries hand. I have met others who have now past on. I was thinking back to how lucky I am to have worked at LDS Hospital before my mission.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Want to Run, I want to Hide

It has been awhile since I have written on my blog. My door lock on my drivers side broke so now I have to crawl across to unlock. It must look funny! I laugh at least. My roommates are Konrad Kennington, Daniel Veibell and Scott Toronto. Scott is my roommate this semester. He just got a PT job in Idaho Falls today. This semester I was an I-team leader and it was so much fun! It reminded me a lot of camp and my mission combined. I came back up to school a week ago Wednesday and then had spirit con. up in Victor Thursday-Friday. We danced, played games were blindfolded in the the snow, and pushed vans out of the snow. A guy sneezed on my all Thursday night. It was an interested time. It was a time to step out and meet new people. We didn't have a great turn out and my partner kind of smothered the "kids". It was good though. Chem 105 is an interesting class. My teacher is funny and jokes around. I received my second Geology Paleo book yesterday. The first one still has not come so I filed a claim with Ebay.
We have a Wii in our apartment and to "we" have been working out in that way.
All of us in our apartment wore blue sweaters to church and we all bore our testimonies about the same time. Well we all had interviews with the bishop today and we have stake interviews on sunday. 3 of us don't know what our calls are but well soon will. I have my ideas but who knows. It has been snowing and now raining the last 3 days. Parking is horrible all around Rexburg. I was able to go through the Rexburg Temple again. This time on a church done tour not with a construction foreman. I wasn't able to go through every level but at least 3 levels. It was beautiful. It depicts Rexburg well and what it can become.