Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Want to Run, I want to Hide

It has been awhile since I have written on my blog. My door lock on my drivers side broke so now I have to crawl across to unlock. It must look funny! I laugh at least. My roommates are Konrad Kennington, Daniel Veibell and Scott Toronto. Scott is my roommate this semester. He just got a PT job in Idaho Falls today. This semester I was an I-team leader and it was so much fun! It reminded me a lot of camp and my mission combined. I came back up to school a week ago Wednesday and then had spirit con. up in Victor Thursday-Friday. We danced, played games were blindfolded in the the snow, and pushed vans out of the snow. A guy sneezed on my all Thursday night. It was an interested time. It was a time to step out and meet new people. We didn't have a great turn out and my partner kind of smothered the "kids". It was good though. Chem 105 is an interesting class. My teacher is funny and jokes around. I received my second Geology Paleo book yesterday. The first one still has not come so I filed a claim with Ebay.
We have a Wii in our apartment and to "we" have been working out in that way.
All of us in our apartment wore blue sweaters to church and we all bore our testimonies about the same time. Well we all had interviews with the bishop today and we have stake interviews on sunday. 3 of us don't know what our calls are but well soon will. I have my ideas but who knows. It has been snowing and now raining the last 3 days. Parking is horrible all around Rexburg. I was able to go through the Rexburg Temple again. This time on a church done tour not with a construction foreman. I wasn't able to go through every level but at least 3 levels. It was beautiful. It depicts Rexburg well and what it can become.