Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rexburg Temple Weekend

Last night I covered one of the Temple Cultural Events that Rexburg, and BYU-Idaho is putting on. The run length production is going on right now. I shot 4oo pictures last night of an hour an half show. I learned more on getting better shots but need to focus more on the event. I watched the Count of Monte Cristo with Kate and then came home. I went into scroll this morning and worked for an hour. I came home and Scott and I went up to the leadership training meeting. Wow, what a great learning experience. I learned about how I can improve myself and also what I can do with my wife at making things work out and on how to be a good father. I love how the church focuses on the person.
A sad thing happened this week the Gold Dodge Caravan, 311 Scroll van was sold this week. After going through Thomas, Nathan, Scott and now me it will no longer be "zipping" around The Y of I campus.
Tomorrow my roommates and I will be attending the Temple dedication during the 4 session in the Rexburg temple. We were given the tickets by our bishop. What a great opportunity this is for us.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Hello all! Sorry it has been a while since I have last written on here. Last week was very busy and some how I managed to fit in a date. It was an 80's theme and it was fun. I found a blue jacket like the one I had as a kid in the 80's and my BLM hat that I still wear at times. Oh, and my aviator glasses that Cora got me. We made Jello pudding pops and then went to McDonald's and had Happy Meals. We came back to the apartment and watched Goonies. It was the first time that I think I have seen it. My calling is going well. I am learning a lot of new things about how wards are ran and also about my self. There is a lot of trust that is needed in this calling.
I was sad to hear that President Hinckley's passing, but I am glad that his suffering here on the earth is over and that he is once again with his wife. His time here was done. The Lord needs him for other things.
I told one of my roommates that he passed away and he didn't believe me. I realized that I joke around to much. Since the 27th of January I have worked extra hard in not joking around and telling the the whole truth.
I'm posting some of the photos from my cross country skiing trip that I had two weeks ago. It was up at Herriman state park. He have had a lot of snow the last few weeks. It has been crazy on how cold it was and the amount of snow there is. The Jeep is running great but I need to have it re-keyed since I broke the lock on my drivers door.
Last night I was talking with some of my roommates and I mentioned that Elder Uchtdorf would be called into the First Presidency. Today he was. I just felt that he would go in for some reason. I watched the end of the Press Conference today in the Academic office since I had an appointment with Brother Henry Eyring. I had to talk some photos and then we talked for bit. He seems a lot like his dad. It is amazing how many of the brethren I have met in my short time. I met President Monson at LDS Hospital when I was a valet before my mission. I met President Eyring at Home Dept when he was buying blinds for $75. I saw President Uchtdorf at the Church Admin. Building last year when I was delivering President Faust's photo to his office.
President Packer in our sacrament meeting, Elder Ballard after the October 2003 general conference, Elder Nelison up at LDS hospital, Elder Holland in the Salt Lake Airport. I saw Elder Oaks at his home when dad and I were up near Sugar House working, Elder Scott at the MTC when he spoke and shook each missionaries hand. I have met others who have now past on. I was thinking back to how lucky I am to have worked at LDS Hospital before my mission.