Sunday, March 30, 2008


Kate and I went snowshoeing near squirrel creek on off of Grassy Lake road. We started on the road but went to the right and had a ok view of the Tetons (it was cloudy) and a nice red barn that I didn't know was there. It was her first time snowshoeing and she really enjoyed it. I cooked up some beef stew and had roles and some triskets. It was a nice little picnic. I really enjoyed taking her and seeing how she enjoyed her self. I was in a little pain with my lower back. The pain isn't that bad right now but I am going to the health center this week to get it checked out. My editor who liked me at the start of the semester told me this week that I haven't been a friend at all this semester. She would come to me a lot with problems, concerns and for blessing. I know she feels this way because I didn't feel the same way. That we were just friends nothing more or less. She doesn't like Kate. It has just been a difficult week. Kate helped a lot. She listened and was there for comfort when it was needed. I'm sorry that Kristie and I really aren't friends. I have tried to be there for her but she has some things she needs to work out. Some friends who are mine and Kristie's friends told me that it's not my fault. She needs to work things out. I find it amazing that when someone says that they like you and then when things don't work out then they hate you. Did they really like you or just have a crush? To me it shows that things weren't ment to be. We had a Mexican themed party last night. We broke a pinyata, ate mexican food and watched Nacho Libre.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks or months.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Updates from Iceburg!

I know that I haven't kept up on my blog as well as I should but I am trying to do better. This has been an interesting week. I went to Nevada to go dig amminoids from the Triassic period. It snowed on us Friday night. I was warm and dry in the Bivy and my Western Mountaineering (the best investment I made might I say). We went and dug and didn't find a whole lot, but at the end we found a good bed with some good fossils. We got a van stuck a ditch and then spent an hour fixing a road three times. Each time a van would go across we had to fix it. I was a stream bed that was really muddy. It was great fun. We left the dig at about 5 pm and got back to Rexburg at around 12:30 or so. Then an hour of getting things unpacked and home. A great experience, I really love my major. On Sunday we had our meetings and that was good. I was king of out of it. I was tired and took a short nap. I went over to Kate's and met her sister who was up here for the weekend.
As of Sunday she and I are dating and things are going well. In the last few days I have learn a lot myself and being more selfless. I just really happy. I will post more later like pictures from Nevada and such. Yes I am going to Centerville this weekend to celebrate birthdays so I will see some of you this weekend.