Sunday, June 29, 2008

"They say I need some Rogain to put in my hair...."

Yes I know that it has been awhile since I last wrote. That is the story of my life. I hiked Mt. Timp. a week ago and it was more of a climb. About six feet of snow was still up there and it was a great trip. I got my tan that I have wanted for a while and got some hiking in with some friends.
I bought new clothes at the Gap. I can't spend money on backpacking gear since I have a lot, so I am trying to dress better. Not that I didn't dress well before but just a different style that I am going for these days. I also went to the Farmers Market yesterday and it was like I was back in the Philippines. I told Amelia that, that is how I shopped in some areas for my food each week. That is where the "common" people go there but here its the "trendy" people that go each week. It was nice and I did enjoy it.
So use to love REI and would shop there a lot the last two years. After work I would swing up to the one on 3300 South and look and maybe buy or pick up an order but I just checked my gmail and saw that they were having a sale and I didn't bother looking. I realized that I have almost everything that I need. I have really started to conserve my money even more. Yes, I bought a new outfit but I pick up the good deals don't buy any clothes for a while.
No, Thomas I have wanted to read that book for while now. It has intrigued me.
I traveled up to Logan on Friday and helped deliver a X3. It was a nice ride up and back. After I drive one of those it makes me want one but I don't like the price so much.
For those of you who have not listened to the new Weezer, Red Album I recommend it. Well, get it from me. I have the edited version that Konrad did. It is really good. I have listened to it more than U2 and that is saying something.
I did pick up a new book on Wednesday. It is "Elijah The Prophet And His Mission" and "Salcation Universal" by Joseph Fielding Smith. I just started it and it is great. This is a book my father has been looking for, for 2o years; I am glad that I found it!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is it getting better, or do you feel the same?

Well I know that it has been awhile. I think that is how I start every blog these days. Well on Tuesday June 3rd at 1 am I was awakened by my mom who said that I needed to take my father to the emergency room up at LDS Hospital. So I did. We listened to Truman G. Madsen talk about the prophet Joseph and trails. How fitting for what would be happening the rest of the week. The nurses and doctors did some tests and felt that he should be admitted for some heart reasons. So I stayed with him until about 7am and then left to come home to get ready for work. I took a quick 1 1/2 hour nap and was off to work. My father was then transferred to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray just blocks form BMW of Murray. He ended up having 5 stints put in him. A stint helps open the arteries to the heart. On Thursday I was to go pick him and my mom up and drive them home. As was at work and I didn't feel my phone. So they called Brian my boss and my father's brother to tell me that they were ready. Brian had me get the new X6 and bring it around. So I did and we went and picked them up. It is about a $70,000 car. My parents liked it. I found out that each normal stint costs $13,000 dollars and the medicated ones that my dad have are more like $20,000. So my dad made the comment that my mom should trade him in for the X6. It was good to see my dad joking after under going heart surgery.
I fell in love Thursday! Well not that kind of love, more like lust. If I had $400,000 dollars I think I might buy a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. It is hand built and you can balance a 1 pound coin on the engine while it is running. This is to prove how smooth the V12 is. Oh, BMW owns Rolls-Royce so maybe I can get a small discount.
Konrad and I were to go camping tonight at a YSA thing but we left early and were going to a ward activity but that had ended so we went to Village Inn to eat. On the way there I was pulled over. The fuzz came up said that I had drifted into the turn lane for a bit and asked if I had any thing to drink. No, I said and then he asked for my papers. He was nice and I was glad that he was looking out for others as well as myself. Konrad was laughing in the front seat though. It was funny. My third time being pulled over and no tickets! Each time on suspension.
I have been thinking a lot about if I should do something this next week. It would be letting go of some pride. A book that I have been meaning to read for some time describes it well. The book is Pride and Prejudice. I just have to say that Mr. Darcy is bold.
Oh, it was the Philippines Indpentence day on the 12th so Mabuy ang Pilipinas!