Thursday, July 31, 2008

"When your on a holiday, you can't find the words to say"

Work was very busy today. I had two X5's that needed full details, a Jet Black X6 for delivery, and then a black used X3 that had water spots on it. This all happened the last 4 hours of my shift. I was by myself too. One X5 was done, the X6 was washed and the x3 is clean and ready to go. Then I needed to come up to David and Emily's to spend the night before my trip with the family to Yellowstone and I have been on my computer for several hours now. I bought the new U2 album Live from Paris. It seems to be good. I can't believe that I am still up. I went out with Kimber Taylor on Tuesday. That was a busy day too with the roll over on I-15. I left work at 6 and got home at 8. Not bad since some were stuck for 3 hours. It takes me about 40-50 minutes on busy day. Anyways, we doubled with Konrad and a girl that he got set up with. Kimber joked about if it was safe to ride in my Jeep since the wheel came loose last week. I said yes, its safe. Well, the wheel came loose again and so I fixed, again. A cop pulled over just as I was finishing up. Kimber is the niece of Mike and Karen Stevens. We went to Dairy Queen and I had several brain freezes. Konrad and I dropped out dates off and then talked for a bit. He reminded me that he would have to kick me about an agreement we have, if I broke it. I haven't and won't. I made the terms of the agreement so it's all fair.
I went to the eye doctor on Monday and found some interesting things out. It was my first visit and Dr. Wilkes is a great doctor. No glasses! Sorry family, I'm still in the clear! He told me my eyes are health but to keep and eye on them and to come back in next summer while I'm down. I need to head to bed. It's 2:20 am!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"I'm moving up to Cherokee, I'm goin be a rock star!"

Well I have some time to write on my blog so here it goes. I worked every day this past week, which was very nice. It has slowed down again which is good and bad. I went to the Real Salt Lake game on Wednesday. Real lost 2-1 I left a little early to go see The Dark Night with Drew and Brian. Drew and I stopped by McDonalds and picked up some grub and ate it in front of the theater. Brian showed up and we had to down our food in a few minutes. The movie was really good. It wasnt a typical comic book movie. It told a lot about human nature and how at times we can't figure people out. There is no logic.
Drew has been asking me to ask his cousin out on a date. He talked to her and so I asked her out to go to a concert in a week or so.
I leave for Yellowstone on Thursday and I am excited for it. I wasn't but yesterday I caught a wiff of a pine tree and it brought back some great memories and ones that I can make.