Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I want to feel, the sun light on my face"

My first week of school this semester is over. It had to be one of the most busy weeks that I have ever had. I am amazed at how much I did and yet how little. It has been an interesting week. One filled with ups and downs. Over all it was a great week! A lot was learned and changes can be made to improve on some areas.
I love being Sister Bergstrom's teacher assistant. I do some of the computer work and try to answer questions but the class has changed since I took it just last fall.
Delivery is going well! Jon Porter and I are having a lot of fun getting to know each other and doing our job.
Yesterday was a fun day! Kristie Moss had her birthday and I taught Amy Worthington the basics of driving a manual. I showed her how and when to shift so that she got an idea of how to do it. I learned how to drive one by seeing others drive. I went out to a bonfire out at the sand dunes. It was kind of chilly out there though.
I was happy to see BYU win their game yesterday against UCLA. I wish that I could have seen it or listened to it. Breanne told me what the score was while I was at Broulim's.
I really like my classes. Emily and David gave me some great advice my first semester up here. I don't need to rush through school. Get through in a good time but enjoy your time and classes. That is one thing that I am trying to do. Last semester I tried to rush a little bit and it wasn't that fun. I think this semester will be different.
The Subaru is driving well but I miss my Jeep. I didn't think that I would but I do. Nathan, take care of it! I know you are.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I eat my candy with the pork and beans

Hello Hello! I am back up at school in Rexburg, Idaho and the weather here has already started to change a big. I needed a jacket last night when I went outside. I am amazed at how much has changed on campus. The bookstore in a new location and is really nice. This past week has been a roller coaster for me. Brian, my boss and Uncle parted ways with BMW of Murray. I spend Tuesday night and Thursday with him. We dropped off one of his customers Z8 off at the dealership. What a sweet car! We ate a Market Street Grill on Tuesday night, my first time there and it was very good!
I drove up to school yesterday and it was kind of a long drive. I have been a little nervous about school and doing well. I want to do very well this semester and know that I can. I have met several of my roommates and they are really cool guys. A few of us might have a rec soccer team.
I have several goals that I want to accomplish first is to save as much money as possible. With my books as expensive as they were, that will put some strains elsewhere. No more Banana Republic for awhile. I figure on spending $25 a week on food and will be riding my bike more than driving.
Sister Bergstrom called me the other day and we talked about her class that I will be TA for. It will be a lot of work but it will be fun.