Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rain, Cuts, and Schwinn

It has been an eventful few days. I bought a 1944 Arnold Schwinn cruiser. It is fun to ride and I will be detailing it up and posting some photos soon. It has been raining the last few days. I love it! I love the summer rain. It has always been the most enjoyable season for me. Warm summer days and nights with rain!
I was at work on Thursday and I received a phone call. The number was 233245402438. I was wondering who in the world it was. I answered it, and it was Brynn! She was calling me from Africa. I couldn't really hear her well, but she just wanted to say hi and that it was the 4th of June. We talked for about a minute and then the call cut out. It was thoughtful for her to call me.
Later that day I was cutting a plastic bottle to use to clean a drain. The razor blade I was using slipped and cut into the knuckle of my thumb. It was bleeding pretty nicely, and hurt. I went to the instacare and they helped badge me up. I have had to keep it dry the last few days. It feels a lot better today.