Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jackson Hole

It has been a great weekend! Brynn came up Friday night, and I was very happy about that. We grabbed a bit to eat at Bajio. We then played games with some of her old roommates and started watching October Sky. It is a great movie. I had not seen it for 6 years or so. We went to Jackson Hole Saturday morning. Brynn has never been, or remembers going. We stopped off at Teton Village. We stopped in several shops. I bought some Chaco's that were on a crazy sale.
It was National Public Lands Day, so entrance into the park was free. We went to Jenny Lake, but did not hike around the lake. A fire was close by so the air was full of smoke. It was very cool looking. We traveled to Jackson Hole and looked around some of the shops, had lunch in park, and snacked on some Hagen Daz ice cream. We then traveled home and Brynn went to the Relief Society broadcast and I made dinner for lunch for Sunday. It was just a relaxing, fun weekend with a beautiful young woman.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Let Us Be Men

This past week has been one that I will remember. It has felt like a glacial till landed on me. Not literally, but just with the amount of work, and school, and life. It has also been one of the most spiritual. I have felt an add measure of the spirit. I have the opportunity to take a class from Brother Bruce Satterfield. I am amazed at when I go in to class with a few questions, and come out with a lot of answers, but more questions.
We have been learning about the endowment of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is nothing secret about it, but rather sacred. Moses had an endowment, and many other prophets. By receiving the endowment we dress, clothe, put on attributes or receive virtue. It truly is an amazing feeling.
I also have been watching some Mormon Messages on Youtube. I posted two, to my facebook page. They talk about being a man, a father, a friend, and a man of integrity. In one of them, it is about a husband who's wife is diagnosed with MS. She said that if he was going to leave her then there's the door. He stayed, and never made her feel like a burden or handicapped. His son was diagnosed with down syndrome and he loved him, and treated him like a normal son. He was a garbage man. He always provided for his family. He would build tricycles from parts he would find. He used his resources that he had to help his family.
It made me think of my own father. He is a paint contractor. He has always provided for his family. We always had food, clothing, and some things we wanted. He would go with out at times to put us first. I hope that I can be like my father, Thomas Grover. A man of integrity, truth, and compassion. So let us be men!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of school

The first day of school is over. Well kind of. I still have home to do. I started out by going to Sister Bergstrom's class. I am her teaching assistant. I love working for her. She is just one of those teachers that can teach the entire class, yet focus on the one. It has helped me my own studies. I had my first math class since the Fall 2007 semester. I have Bro. Startin. He is a great teacher. He acts human and wants us to learn. He started class out by having a listen to a little kids song. That says good morning and nice to see you today. It was different, yet good for a math class. I then went back to ta-ing.
I am taking this idea from my great girl friend Brynn. A love list.
I will change mine a little. She does it monthly. I will do my for firsts in my life.
So first day of school list-

Jacob being born at around 12:30 today.
My father, He is such a strength to me!
My mother, she keeps my life straight and organized.
My siblings, they like to tease me, but all in good fun (I hope)
School, a chance to learn and to become educated.
My cell phone. I can't believe I just said that, but it has helped in many ways.
My Jeep. Anybody who really knows me, knows that I love my Jeep. All 341700 miles of it!
My books and scriptures. They really help keep me calm and on the right path.
Grandma Cook. Even though she has past on, I still remember all of those funny good times. Her taking her teeth out and joking around.
Brynn! She is such a light and strength in my life. When I need to relax, do something adventurous, watch a movie, or get a treat she is always there.
So many great things that I love!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

From the top of the world to the bottom.

I just arrived home from my geo 210 trip. It was great! I saw so many beautiful sights. Some that I have not been to for awhile, and others that I have never seen. I love Wyoming. The geology is amazing. Even though I did not understand everything that we talked about, I am glad that I dipped my feet into it. We went from near Cooke City, down through the Wind Rivers, and out through Pine Creek Pass. It made me realize that God had his hand in the creation. There is no possible way that it just happened. We have a kind and loving Heavenly Father, who is all powerful and knowing. He is a great artist and architect as well. I have missed several people as well. My parents, and siblings. Brynn, Konrad, and many more.
I was glad to take a nice long hot shower. I think other are glad that I did as well.
Truly a great trip, and it is not over yet... 7 am tomorrow, it starts over, but just for tomorrow.