Sunday, January 24, 2010

Months in Review

Here are just a few snapshots of the last few months.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Your Mission....

Over the last month of my life I have been on a mission. Not a mission like Jason Bourne, or like my mission to the Philippines. This mission was a special task, like one that I have not ever had before. It was to find milk glass vases, plates, goblets, bowls, etc. At first it was a difficult task. I visited several Deseret Industries in the Salt Lake area with no luck.
On one beautiful Saturday in January, Brynn and I were running errands and stopped in to a few antique stores. We saw many great items like mini bank globes, jadite plates (which was also on the mission also), and neat old items. We stopped in at a store in Layton that my sister Emily informed us about. Jackpot! Brynn spotted several vases right when we walked in. The store was a great little place.
With a few under our belt my search shifted from Utah to Idaho. On my way up to school I stopped in at the Idaho Falls and Rexburg DI's and again was in luck. I found several new pieces to add to the collection.
For an update on my mission status. I am up to 9 pieces that we can us.
When I started bringing home the milk glass my roommates gave me some odd looks and asked, "What are you doing with all of that glass"? I explained to them that my classy fiance wants to use them as part of the center piece for our reception.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Return to Rexburg

I arrived in Rexburg today. It was a nice drive. It seemed to go relatively fast. It seemed like I just left though. A lot has happened since I was last in Rexburg. Brynn was in a car accident a week before school ended. We looked for about a week and a half for a car and we finally found one. It is a 2005 silver Toyota Corolla. It has more options than her previous Corolla. We bought it on my birthday, which was a nice gift for Brynn. We didn't have to worry about finding a car.
Also over the break, Brynn and I got engaged. We will be getting married April 14, 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple.