Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last day

I am taking a five minute break from my poster and reflecting on the past 7 weeks. I think one word can do the job. Amazing! I have had a lot of fun out in the field doing real geology work. We have had some bad weather, but we have been blessed with some good. I really enjoyed working with my classmates and figuring out what is going on geologically. We may not have figured it all out, but I has been fun piecing together the puzzle.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Field Camp: Week 6. 7 Coming up

Our last week of field camp, in the field, has come and gone. It was a good week. I was able to get a lot done and at the end I was starting to feel all those times going up and down on the talus fields. It was a great experience doing real geology. Our professors were great. They helped us when we needed them, and were very supportive of us. This past week, while near "mystery hill" in my area I heard what sounded like a large cat, then I heard a large animal come hurrying down through the bush. I'm pretty sure it was a bobcat. I was a litter nervous. I was out of radio contact and no one was around. I just made my way back to the van and met up with Jason and David. We went into a couple of copper mines. One was in my area, and the other was up in Gilmore, ID, an hour drive north from our mapping area.
Here are some events from field camp.
Book Cliffs in Southern Utah, Showers, 100 degree weather the first week, rain and some snow in Gros Ventre. A bear in Gros Ventre, ez ups blew on top of each other, rain and ticks in Fall Creek, new canopy, cows, rain in the beaverheads for the first time in 6 years of field camp, running down talus and filming it, arrow heads, 4 flat tires (3 on the red Chevrolet Express, one on the silver Ford van), 1952 Buick find, Mines, synclines, and thrust, Copper Mtn. summited, and Meadow Lake.
Field Camp has been great! I asked my friend Chris Sant, some advice about field camp. He told me to be positive and to have fun. Our group did that. We have had a great time. We have until Wednesday to finish our posters and to print them for Thursday. I have loved my time up here. I have been able to do a lot with some good friends Adam, Jason, Ryan, Steve, and Patrick. We have either gone to Applebee's, G's Dairy, or Taco Bell at the end of each week. The Demolition Derby, four wheeling in the Jeep, and just hanging out.
The most difficult thing for me this semester has been being away from Brynn. She has been so good to not complain about me being gone and being very supportive. She did get a trip to California though, since I was gone.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Field Camp: Weeks Four-Five

We are down to our last week in the field. I can't believe that it has gone by so fast. We have spent the last two weeks in the Beaverhead Mountains in Eastern Idaho. It is nothing like what I thought it was going to be like. I have been working with some great people the last two weeks. Patrick, David, and Jason have been a great help. It makes me feel good that even our professors have trouble with understanding what is going on. It is not a clear yes, no type of science. I am reminded what Bro. Peck told us one day in Chemistry 105. Science is not an exact thing. There is some things that are variable in it. Being out in the field has made me in awe of a great creator, who used science to create this beautiful earth.
I do miss Brynn and am grateful for her support for me during this time.