Saturday, September 25, 2010


For those of you who truly know me, you will know that I look for deals. I guess that is what makes shopping fun. I think I got it from my father. He and I would go look for scout uniforms for me and my siblings to use at camp. We would hit the DI's from Rwxburg-Preston to even Richfield once (note, we would stop in when driving though, not just drive to Rexburg or Richfield to shop). I think the most impressive find was a 1910's boy scout belt I found in a bin at the Preston DI. I was rummaging to find some sort of scout item and found it. It had a black buckle on it and thought it wasn't worth anything. I asked my dad if it was something he wanted. "Yes", he exclaimed! It was only 25 cents. Through the years I have found some pretty good things at the store and now online. I will just go through a few finds the last few months.
Lowe Alpine Backpacker backpack. $35.01 on ebay. I was just looking around one day on ebay and found it. I had Nathan track it for a few hours. I wasn't going to buy, but at the last second I bought it. The back is twenty years old, but is brand new. I even smells like it just came out of the plastic.

Oreck Vacuums $10 and $8. While living up in Rexburg I would visit the store, and look for deals. One day I found an Oreck vacuum that worked great and had a number of extra new bags. I bought that and then a few month later while taking a break from homework during field camp I stopped in again. They had another one. I bought it as well. I gave one to my mother who has had terrible luck since with vacuums since her Panasonic red vacuum died 18 years ago. She really likes the weight and quality of the Oreck.

Bread pans $3 My sister Alisa asked me to find her some bread pans at the DI. I thought this would be an ease find. No! I guess once you buy a bread pan you keep it forever, or every one else in the world goes to DI to look for them. They are kind of expensive I discovered. They are $15 at Macy's and at Bed Bath and Beyond. Last Saturday I found 3 of them and a muffin tin. They ranged from 75 cents-$1.50. When I went to purchase them the cashier looked that the first one and then the rest and priced each at the 75 cent price.

CLothes. I do look at the DI for some clothes, but I am a bit more picky on this one. The reason why is most of the time I can find new clothes for the same price or just a bit more. I really like Banana Republic, J-Crew, and Gap. I discovered if I shop around and wait sometimes that I can get clothes for a lot less. Example, I love Gap jeans. They are durable and the cut it great. I will never pay full price for most clothes. The last pair I bought were $23. That is pretty good since most jeans are at least $30.
I do like to shop, but It is for the hunt. I like finding great deals more than the actual shopping part. Also, I like to go with Brynn. I know she likes to shop and I like to help her find good deals. I think I am rubbing off on her a little bit. She has always like good deals as well, but I have noticed she will hold off more and buy later.