Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crash and burn

Today Brynn, and I went skiing at Brighton. It was a great day to hit the slopes. We arrived when they opened and there were practically no lines. We skied for a few hours and then went and had lunch. We had already skied about 12 runs. That is unheard of on a Saturday. After lunch we skied some more and enjoyed great weather, not too cold and windy. I decided to try a new run, Hard Coin a Double Black Diamond. Have skied double blacks before, but struggled. This run was great at first, but that soon changed. The run goes through a forest and and then spits you on to another run. Half way down I caught an edge and slammed my right ski into my left leg and went down. As I was getting up and continued down I was heading for a large branch/tree and ducked, but also saw some yellow snow I wanted to avoid near the branch and went down again with both my skis going into the snow, stopping me.
That run was difficult, but still fun. On the last run of the day, Brynn was leading and went down pioneer and then on to this fast paced run. As I was following I thought I would carve most the rest of the way down the run. In doing so my leg ski, caught an edge and went vertical. Doing this while going fast down the hill it threw my ski off. If any of you have see the movie Cars where The King goes off the track, that is what I did, but still on the slope. I got air, but landed on my left side. I got up and clicked out of my right ski, which had stayed on, and hiked 15 yards up to my left ski. I was shaken up, but not hurt that I know of.
Over all it was a great day! I loved skiing, trying out my new socks from Christmas and spending time with Brynn.
Brynn used here new Patagonia Capilene. She loved it! I'm glad that she enjoyed using it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Follow up

In the post that I did just a few days I ago I mentioned that I had lost $90. Today when I got home from work our landlord here at the house. I rushed to write him a check for our January rent. I started to talk to him for a minute about our new neighbors, christmas, etc. He then asked if anyone was missing any money. Yes, $90! I knew it was mine because he had found it. He said he saw it near where my Jeep had been. I thanked him for finding it and returning it.
It has been driving me crazy not knowing where it was. Prayers are answered in due time. I am grateful for honest people, prayers, and the comfort that comes from praying.