Thursday, April 14, 2011

What a day..

It was one year ago today that Brynn and I were married! It has been a great year, full of adventures and travels. I had planned to take her to The Garden Restaurant this evening, but something came up. Brynn was sick for about two weeks and has started to feel better. On Monday night I started to feel sick. I have not become any better the last few days. I thought it was time to go to the doctor today. Dr. Hart listened to my breathing and said that he couldn't hear anything. He ordered a chest x-ray. This was a first for me. I would finally get to see what I look like on the inside. Turns out I have pneumonia. I was able to look at the x-ray and see the white infection in my lower left lob. The doctor ordered some strong antibiotics. Hopefully everything will be fine. It is great to have the support of a great wife, who does so much, and asks for so little in return. It is still a happy day!